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Getting Around in Verona

Getting around in Verona is quick and eco-friendly with the right choices. Leave your car outside the city centre and get around by bus or hire a bike from Verona Bike.

These are my recommendations, along with walking if you are in good health, because not only does this reduce or eliminate pollution but the majority of the city centre is a restricted traffic area (“ZTL”), closed to normal vehicles apart from residents, hotel guests and for deliveries during specific time periods. The city council website contains additional information about the times when restrictions apply and all of the regulations. Of course, if you have an emergency or are travelling with someone who has a disability, you can request a City Pass from the council.

Are you coming by car? Here is where to park in Verona

If you are coming to Verona by car, you can opt to park your vehicle in a covered car park, where charges apply, close to the city centre.

Parcheggio Cittadella - P.zza Cittadella
Parcheggio Centro - Via Campo Marzo
Parcheggio Saba Arena - Via M.Bentegodi
Parcheggio Tribunale - via dello Zappatore 
Parcheggio Saba Polo Zanotto - viale Università  
Parcheggio VeronaFiere - Viale del Lavoro 
Parcheggio Saba Ospedale Borgo Trento - via S. Camillo de Lellis
Parcheggio Stazione Ovest - via Città di Nimes
Parcheggio Stazione Est - via Città di Nimes 
Parcheggio Garage Italia - Porta Nuova
Garage Paradiso - Via Paradiso
Parcheggio Saba Isolo - Via Ponte Pignolo
Parcheggio Saba Arsenale - Via A. Cappellini 
Parcheggio Metropark - Piazzale XXV Aprile
Parcheggio San Zeno (aperto solo durante il weekend) - Piazza Corrubbio 

Or there are free car parks, a little further from the city centre but connected by buses to the centre:

Parcheggio Piazzale Guardini
Parcheggio Stadio in Piazzale Olimpia con tre parcheggi scambiatori
Parcheggio Porta Palio (V.le Galliano/Stradone Porta Palio)

From Verona Airport to the city centre

The airport is only a dozen kilometres from the city centre and you have a choice of the Airlink bus (20 minutes) for €6 or you could take one of the taxis which are always available at arrivals. If you choose the bus, it drops you at Verona Porta Nuova station. Your ticket for the airport shuttle is valid for 75 minutes, meaning you can take a connecting bus to your final destination.
For example, on weekdays (including Saturdays) lines 11, 12, 13, 51 and 52 along with Sunday/evening services 90, 92, 96, 97 and 98 all go to the Arena. Weekday services 21, 22, 23, 24, 41 and 61 along with Sunday/evening services 93, 94 and 95 stop outside the Castelvecchio.

How to travel by bus in Verona

The buses run from around 5 am to midnight. Tickets can be purchased online using the Ticket Bus Verona app, or from the ATV Office (Piazza Renato Simoni, 12) or from an authorised retailer (e.g. newsagents, tourist information offices) and are valid for 90 minutes from when they are validated. Day tickets are also available, which are valid on all buses for as many journeys as you wish up until midnight on the day of validation. There are also books of 10 tickets which are better value than buying individual tickets. To keep up-to-date with the bus times and other useful information about public transport, download the Info Bus Verona app.  Lastly, a reminder that if you purchase the Verona Card, you can travel for free on local buses, as well as getting free or reduced admission to the main museums, monuments and churches in the city.

Visit Verona by bike

An alternative to buses or walking. Allowing you to get around more quickly but without creating pollution. An excellent solution! There are two options: find one of the many bike and e-bike hire outlets in the city or try the Verona Bike service. Verona Bike is available online at for a daily fee of €2, €5 for a week or €10 for a month. The first half hour of use is always free of charge. It only accepts credit cards (not PayPal or debit cards).

Electric scooters for getting around quickly

As with many tourist destinations, electric scooters have caught on in Verona. There are already several companies which rent these scooters that are so popular with young people. However, be careful you do not drive on the wrong side of the road or in bus lanes and make sure you leave them in the dedicated racks or where the app shows you to park.

Avoid pedestrianised or very crowded areas. If you have already tried one, how did you find it? Now I have given you all of the options for getting around in Verona, my personal recommendation is to walk. You will miss out on so many amazing things if you rush about, all those hidden places and incredible views that might otherwise pass you by. Let your instinct guide you: it is a wonderful thing to lose yourself in the web of streets in the old town!"You will find your way if you first have the courage to lose your way." (Tiziano Terzani)

All the Information You Need to Get the Best from Verona.

Accommodation, tickets, car parks, public transport and more more. Click here to get answers to all of your holiday planning queries for Verona.

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